Hi, I’m Linius. Tell me your story!

The multimedia storytelling-tool by mc-quadrat and the Bavarian Broadcasting Network

Great for telling any story

Linius was developed together with the Bavarian Broadcasting Network (BR). With Linius, BR-journalists were able to compose multimedia stories which have even been mentioned on major German news formats.

Check out these inspiring stories by the Bavarian Broadcasting Network.

With Linius you can create your captivating multimedia-story in only a few easy steps.

Linius is an easy to use communication platform for publishing suspenseful stories for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones*. From information about your social commitment or a presentation on your company history – take control and be the director of your own content.

Linius was originally developed for journalists as an editorial storytelling-tool and has proven itself on many occasions. Now it’s your turn to quickly and easily bring your stories to life.

The responsivity of Linius was always kept in mind: Whether your Users are on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, your story will always impress by being visually stunning. Setting up your story in Linius is made easy with WordPress-compatibility.

* Browser and device-compatibility can be checked in the table of compatibility.

Creating great stories needs the best tools


An extensive tool in order to publish long copy accompanied by multimedia content like impressive full-screen images, videos and background audio.

Image Gallery

The image gallery really lets your pictures do the talking! Caption your own images or let the narrator tell your story in the background.


Add a captivating intro to your Story and thrill the audience with your multimedia content.


The most interesting details often become visible when you take a closer look. With this tool the User can playfully discover details which are hidden from initial view.


Publish your video with cineastic style and make sure your audience is left with that wow-feeling.


Incorporate your content with a bang! Add music or a commentary like interview-sequences or longer narrations with the audio-module.


Your audience can interactively discover hotspot information on any image or video.

Chapter Dividers

Organise your story logically into chapters and provide your audience with easy navigation.

Before & After Slider

Have your Users take a journey between the past and the future with the elegant before & after slider.

Vimeo- und Youtube- Embedding

Easily embed your own videos from Vimeo or YouTube. An endless archive of videos are at your fingertips.

We also develop individual modules for that one special story