• “Sometimes certain topics need to presented in a special way. Linius does this perfectly. Easy operation and the many ways to display content are Linius’ strong suits.”

    Johannes Michel http://www.bjv.de
  • “(…) a one time fee of 25 Euro is okay. For a multi-facetted tool like Linius it really isn’t too much to ask – especially because it’s completely responsive. It fits into any browser size and smartphone screen with ease. The easy installation in WordPress is also managed well. Where Pageflow made some initial mistakes, Linius has learned and improved upon.”

    Michael Penke http://bleiwüsten.de
  • “Linius: One of the best tools for jounalists. (…) Once downloaded, all you have to do is set it as your new WordPress theme. When installed it instantly impresses through a clear dashboard and responsive design.”

    MadeByBrain http://scrollytelling.org/
  • “Conclusion: Their competitors Aesop and Creatavist can pack their bags: Linius is a good and professional tool with an auto-start function and fills that one, painful gap which is the complicated and laborious installation of Pageflow.”

    Matthias Eberl http://www.onlinejournalismus.de